Habshan Sulfur Granulation Plant Project

United Arab Emirates


The project involved the construction of a Sulfur granulation plant with a capacity of 11000 TPD of liquid Sulfur from Habshan plants and storage of liquid and granulated Sulfur, blocking, rail car loading. The liquid Sulfur would be transferred to the Sulfur station through pipelines fitted with SEET (Skin Effect Electrical Tracing) technology.

The Shah or Habshan Rail Granulated Sulfur Transportation and Management Project (SHA) was developed to transport liquid Sulphur produced at the Shah and Habshan Plants, via pipeline, to the nearby Shah and Habshan stations where it was granulated and loaded into railcars. The granulated Sulphur was transported via the Union Railway system to a new terminal (SHT 2) in Ruwais, where it was unloaded, stored, and subsequently exported by ship.


The Sulfur infrastructure in Abu Dhabi was not adequate to handle the large volume of Sulfur from the Shah Gas Development Project (SGD) and the Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd. (GASCO) existing or planned facilities in the Habshan area.

The liquid Sulfur pipelines from the Shah Plant to Shah Terminal and Habshan Plants to Habshan Terminal operated between 257 °F (125 °C) to 284 °F (140 °C). The Sulfur solidified at 246 °F (119 °C) became more viscous at 318 °F (159 °C) and approximately 32 °F (135 °C) during operations and shutdown conditions.


The project is the longest pre-insulated heat traced pipeline in the United Arab Emirates. The client was looking for a trusted company and selected PERMA-PIPE as their partner for our long, proven track record and experience.

TRACE-THERM™ the premier engineered pre-insulated and heat traced piping system was specified and designed to produce the following project results:

  • Maintained the required flow assurance and temperature range requirements
  • A very low thermal conductivity PU foam minimized the overall thickness of the insulation to create fewer waste materials and space
  • Excellent thermal protection helped saved energy cost savings in the overall project
  • PERMA-PIPE performed the engineering designs, fabrication, and tests before the project to save on project delivery schedule compared to site insulation
  • Met the testing requirements with unparalleled certified accuracy since TRACE-THERM was produced and tested in a controlled environment and the latest facility

Product Highlights

Project Type:Oil & Gas – Sulfur
Pipe Size:12 in (304 mm) & 8 in (203 mm)
Heat Tracing System:2 in (50 mm) x 1 in (25 mm) tube welded to carrier pipe
Fiber Optic:1 in (25 mm) x 1 in (25 mm) tube welded to carrier pipe
Insulation:2.5 in (36 mm) perlite + 1.5 in (34 mm) polyurethane foam, spray applied for 8 in (46 mm), 3 in (37 mm) perlite + 2.5 in (36 mm) polyurethane foam, spray applied for 12 in (304 mm)
Jacketing:1.14 in (3.8 mm) HDPE vapor barrier/ 0.03 in (0.8 mm) aluminum sheet jacketing

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