Pre-Insulated Pipe System


TRACE-THERM™ is a pre-insulated & heat traced piping system designed to ensure optimum heat management during the life of the pipeline. TRACE-THERM is fabricated with either a single layer or multiple layers of different insulation material designed to minimize heat loss and meet system operating temperatures and cool down requirements for crude, heavy or waxy oils, sulphur, phenol, caustic, asphalt, acids, fuel, lines, and other chemicals. 

Formerly Skin Effect Current Tracing, Heat Tape Traced System, Unline Traced Piping System, Stereo-Heat Impedance Heat Traced, SULPHUR-THERM


Operating Temperature Range

Up to 1200 °F (649 °C)

For specific temperature requirements, please contact us at


Pipe Size

PERMA-PIPE can process a wide variety of pipe lengths, weights, and diameters, which can also be altered if required.  Please contact PERMA-PIPE to find the best facility to meet the needs of your project and for any specific questions about pipe size that can be accommodated.


Complies With

CSA          en253


Additional Certifications