Xtru-Therm at school DNC low

District heating and cooling are very efficient systems to provide heating and cooling to commercial and industrial facilities. Chilled and hot water is the most common medium used in these systems to transfer energy from its source to consumers and pre-insulated piping systems are the key to efficiently bringing energy to where it is needed.

PERMA-PIPE’s pre-insulated piping systems are an efficient and effective way to distribute energy for heating and cooling.

Benefits include:

  • Operating temperatures from -320° F (-196° C) to 284° F (140° C) to meet your project needs

  • Tough outer jacket materials to prevent damage during construction

  • Sealed end to end to prevent water ingress and costly corrosion under insulation

  • Advanced polyurethane foam insulation designed to meet your project heat loss/gain requirements as well as your demanding construction challenges

In use for many years, our systems have proven to be efficient, long-lasting, and environmentally safe.