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FLOW-THERMTM is a highly efficient and cost-effective subsea insulation with excellent compressive resistance. It has high strength, great adhesion, and exhibits toughness when applied on subsea flowlines and risers, field joints, and equipment, such as jumpers, pipeline end terminations (PLETs), pipeline end manifolds (PLEMs), inline structures, shrouds, doghouses, and any moldable structures for deep and ultra-deepwater applications.

FLOW-THERM subsea insulation is available in three different materials:  polymer alloy, silicone (Si) rubber, and glass syntactic polyurethane (GSPU), suitable for various operating conditions and applications.

Formerly AUTO-THERM®


Maximum Operating Temperature

FLOW-THERM Si (Silicone Rubber)
356 °F (180 °C)

FLOW-THERM RS 3604 (Polymer Alloy)
284 °F (140 °C)

FLOW-THERM GSPU (Glass Syntactic Polyurethane)
226 °F (109 °C)


For specific temperature requirements, please contact us at askpermapipe@permapipe.com



Pipe Size

PERMA-PIPE can process a wide variety of pipe lengths, weights, and diameters, which can also be altered if required.  Please contact PERMA-PIPE to find the best facility to meet the needs of your project and for any specific questions about pipe size that can be accommodated.


Complies With

CSA         en253


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