Steam District Energy

Steam energy distribution systems are designed to provide energy solely for facility heating requirements.  They are suitable where energy has to travel great distances such as in systems with scattered building locations or where the building height would result in excessive pressure in a water system.  Efficient energy transfer is achieved through minimizing heat loss in the distribution system and high-quality pre-insulated piping systems are essential. 

PERMA-PIPE’s premier engineered series of pre-insulated piping systems meet all design requirements for transferring steam energy through underground piping systems. Benefits include:​

  • Operating temperatures from 250° F (121° C) to 750° F (400° C) to meet your project needs

  • Drainable, dryable, and testable to reduce the threat of corrosion after construction

  • Tough outer jacket materials to prevent damage during construction

  • Hybrid insulation system consisting of advanced high-temperature materials on the carrier pipe and polyurethane foam insulation on the outer pipe designed to meet your project heat loss/gain requirements as well as minimizing total installed cost