Applications of this Product

MID-TEMP HI-GARD™, is designed for distribution of fluids aboveground at temperatures of 250º F and higher. Based on customer specifications, this is a prefabricated system with all fittings attached to straight sections.

MID-TEMP - HI-GARD™, Provides a cost effective and low maintenance cost alternative to traditional field insulated piping systems. PERMA-PIPE® can design a custom system that can be supplied, preinsulated to your specifications, in most cases at a lower cost.  PERMA-PIPE®'s MID-TEMP - HI-GARD™ reduces field installation cost by eliminating expensive slide supports and maintenance cost by eliminating corrosion under insulation problems.  Options include steam tracing, electric heat tracing, and leak detection.

Temp Range: 250ºF to 750ºF
Max Pressure: Determined by the carrier pipe selected
Pipe Sizes: Nom. Diameter ½" - 44", Nom. Length 20' and 40'