Anti-Corrosion Pipe Coating

PERMA-BOND Premier Engineered Series







PERMA-BOND™ is the Premier Engineered Series anti-corrosion pipe coating system for the long term and maximum protection against external corrosion of pipes. Consisting of a layer of fusion bonded epoxy (FBE), polymeric adhesive, and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) outer jacket, PERMA-BOND meets the most demanding performance requirements.


Including Ultrabond FBE, Ultrabond ARO, Ultrabond 2, Ultrabond 3, Ultrabond TSA, Ultrabond LE

​ -40° F (-40° C) to 212° F (100° C)

For specific temperature requirements, please contact us at

Temperature Range

Nominal Diameter:

1/2 in (12.7 mm) to 48 in (1219.2 mm) (standard)   

Nominal Length:  

up to 80 ft (24.4 m)

Pipe Size

Complies With


Additional Certifications

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