Partner With PERMA-PIPE And Get More

PERMA-PIPE is committed to providing our customers with a partnership experience that exceeds their expectations as well as keeping them at the forefront of our culture and business practices. When they partner with PERMA-PIPE, they are not just buying a solution for today, they are investing in a long-lasting reliable piping system and the company that stands behind it.

We listen to our customers to plan, engineer, design, manufacture, install, and fabricate the piping system. We work together to provide convenience, cost savings, and peace of mind from start to finish as their single-source partner.


​This is the PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE way when our customers do business with PERMA-PIPE. 

PERMA-PIPE International Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:PPIH) is a global engineered pipe services company offering core competencies in anti-corrosion coatings, insulation solutions, containment systems, leak detection systems, engineering support, field service, and custom fabrication.

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