Applications of this Product

PALCOM® 10 w/GLS is an interactive remote monitoring software package designed to monitor PAL-AT® cable leak detection systems and LiquidWatch® probe leak detection systems.

PALCOM enables an operator to monitor events on up to 254 systems from one location.  PALCOM is supplied with two auxiliary programs, GLSViewer and GraphViewer.

Graphic Locator System (GLS) drawings are displayed with GLSViewer. A GLS drawing displays a leak detection installation.  A flashing icon identifies the location of a problem on a sensor cable or probe.  This enables an operator to locate the problem quickly without having to locate a hardcopy site reference drawing.

PALCOM funtions include:

Automonitor - continuously checks all leak detection systems and updates the status of the systems 24/7.  The status of each system and each cable is displayed.

AutoGLS - automatically opens GLSViewer when an event is detected in Automonitor and locates the event on the GLS drawing.
GLSViewer can be displayed on a 2nd monitor, such as in a work area, to be more visible and conspicuous.

SMS - email and text messages are sent when an event is detected.  Email messages include several images of the GLS drawings which zoom in to the event location. This provides 24/7 notification of leak detection events to any location.