Applications of this Product

The MULTI-THERM® 750 SUPREME is the first pre-insulated piping system fortified with Aerogel nanotechnology for the most advanced and thermally efficient steam and hot water transportation piping system.

MULTI-THERM® 750 SUPREME introduces nanotechnology to underground District Heating piping. PERMA-PIPE has combined Aspen Aerogels’ Pyrogel

® XT insulation on the service pipe with polyurethane foam on the outer casing to achieve the most energy effi cient piping system available for high temperature applications. The better insulation value of Pyrogel® XT results in a thinner insulation and smaller outer casing, saving both space and money. 
Pyrogel® XT is an aerogel insulation formed from 3% silica solids with 97% air in extremely small nanopores.  These characteristics make aerogel the world’s lowest density solid and most effective thermal insulator.  Its required thickness is typically 50% to 80% less than other high temperature insulation materials. Unlike these other insulations, Pyrogel® XT is hydrophobic and provides excellent resistance to moisture.