Applications of this Product


DUAL-GARD™ 250 is a cost effective factory preinsulated system for the distribution of chilled water and hot water and condensate up to 250ºF.The system is provided with a FRP pipe inside a PVC outer jacket.
DUAL-GARD™ 250 is a cost effect factory preinsulated system for hot water, condensate or chilled water distribution. The system is provided with an epoxy or vinylester fiberglass pipe inside an outer jacket. The system is supplied in 20, 30 or 40 foot lengths depending on pipe manufacture. All fittings are supplied by PERMA-PIPE®. All fittings require a concrete thrust block poured around each change in direction. Pipe sizes are from 2" to 12", larger sizes are available in our XTRU-THERM® product line. Field joints are not insulated by design but can be provided as an option. When used for condensate return special design requirements exist, please contact PERAM-PIPE® for more information.
Temp Range: 32ºF to 250ºF based on carrier selected
Max Pressure: Determined by the carrier pipe selected
Pipe Sizes: 2" to 20"