Applications of this Product


PEX-GARD® preinsulated pipe is designed for fast economical installation due to its long coil lengths and ability to be routed around obstructions. Bending PEX-GARD® eliminates the need for costly and time consuming welded elbows.
PEX-GARD® is a preinsulated flexible piping system for the distribution of hot and cold fluids. The carrier pipe is cross linked NSF approved, HDPE pipe inside an HDPE jacket. The system can be installed without a joint underground. If a field joint is required a kit is provided with a compression coupling for the carrier pipe and a pressure testable HDPE sleeve. Thermal expansion is absorbed within the system, no need for anchors or expansion loops. 1" is supplied in 1,180' , 1.5" in 492', 2" in 328', 3" and 4" in 164' coils. The pipe system does not require any special trenching or backfill requirements. System applications include hot water, chilled water, domestic hot and cold water and chemicals.
Temp Range: -320ºF to 250ºF
Max Pressure: 180 PSIG at 70ºF to 90 PSIG at 200ºF
Pipe Sizes: Nom. Diameter 1" - 4", Nom. Coil Length 1,180 to 164'