Applications of this Product

XTRU-THERM® is our "State of the Art" pre-insulated piping system for fluids from cryogenic temperatures up to 250ºF. The extruded HDPE jacket results in a completely bonded system that moves as a single unit for maximum efficiency and service life.

XTRU-THERM® is a process driven product, developed to eliminate problems inherent in foam injected systems. The pipe is insulated using a special spray applied continuous feed insulating process which works in line with our extruded high density polyethylene jacket material. The jacket remains flexible at low temperatures and has a higher temperature rating than PVC. The HDPE jacket has been specifically designed to bond to the insulation which allows the system to be used for both above and underground insulated pipe applications. The hardness, tensile and flexural strength, toughness, diameter and thickness of the jacket are all controlled to remain within specifications.
The foam insulation is spray-applied and rises, unrestricted, to its final thickness. The free rise allows cell structure of the foam to be uniform in all directions. Because the foam is spray-applied and not injected, XTRU-THERM® is guaranteed to be 100% void-free.
Temp Range: -320ºF to 250ºF
Max Pressure: Determined by the carrier pipe selected
Pipe Sizes: Nom. Diameter 1/ 2" - 36" (standard), Nom. Length 20' and 40'