Our Quality Management Systems have been certified to conform to the strict requirements of ISO 9001. 

Perma-Pipe has established a reputation for high quality standards in its products and services.  Our management and people are committed to quality improvement and giving strict attention to the specific requirements of customers.

Perma-Pipe treats each project uniquely.  We have the capability to tailor our quality efforts to meet the needs of the most exacting quality control requirements for in-process and finished product testing, inspection, and documentation.  We have successfully met the quality requirements of large piping system projects in the most challenging applications:

  • Nuclear waste containment

  • Cryogenic liquids
  • Deep water petroleum lines
  • Superfund contaminated sites
  • Superheated steam supplies
  • Beer and food production
  • Pharmaceutical systems
  • Chemical waste containment
  • Corrosive liquid containment


Quality Management & Organization

Perma-Pipe maintains its quality assurance system through an effective organization of trained personnel who maintain the quality standards required of each contract and project.  The quality organization starts at the top with the leadership of Perma-Pipe’s President, who is firmly committed to high quality standards and to maintaining our leadership as the most capable pre-engineered/pre-insulated piping system manufacturer in the world.