Onshore belowground pipelines

Perma-Pipe also has a low-density polyurethane Xtru-Therm® product consisting of a spray on polyurethane with a highly efficient outer polyethylene (PE) jacket extruded over the polyurethane that provides for water proofing and superior mechanical protection during handling and installation for buried onshore pipelines that require to be insulated. This product can be provided from existing Perma-Pipe insulation factories located in various parts of the world or with a portable plant that would be located in close proximity to the pipeline right-of-way thereby minimizing logistic costs and pipe handling damage that could occur from transporting insulated pipe over long distances. Perma-Pipe can customize the insulation thickness to meet the project specific thermal requirements as well as adjust the thickness of its PE outer jacket in order to provide the operator with the optimum product for installation and handling of the insulated pipe. Should the pipeline require heat tracing Perma-Pipe engineers can provide the combination of heat tracing and insulation to optimize the thermal efficiency of the pipeline in conjunction with maintaining the operating temperature of the fluid being transported. Perma-Pipe holds the world record for the longest insulated heat traced line in the world ~750 kms. of 24” and 20” diameter pipe for Cairn Energy India. Perma-Pipe set up a plant in India specifically to provide the insulation for this pipeline.

Please contact your Perma-Pipe Oil and Gas representative. They can work with you to offer a product that provides for the most cost effective and thermally efficient product to meet your specific project requirements.