Offshore shallow water pipelines

Perma-Pipe has developed a mid-density polyurethane product – Xtru-Therm® spray on polyurethane product with a highly efficient outer polyethylene (PE) jacket extruded over the polyurethane provided for water proofing and superior mechanical protection during handling and installation for shallow water pipelines up to ~650 feet (200 meter) water depth. The polyurethane density can be modified specifically for the water depth and installation requirements. This product is approximately 4 times as efficient as the products used for deepwater applications therefor making it a highly cost effective and thermally efficient product for shallow water applications. Perma-Pipe has successfully supplied its shallow water Xtru-Therm for projects in West Africa and Trinidad.

Please contact your Perma-Pipe Oil and Gas representative. They can work with you to offer a product that provides for the most cost effective and thermally efficient product to meet your specific project requirements.