Offshore deepwater pipelines

Perma-Pipe’s Auto-Therm® Glass Syntactic Polyurethane (GSPU) is the premier thermal insulation used to insulate offshore deepwater pipelines to enhance flow characteristics, maintain fluid temperatures and lengthen the cooldown time when the pipeline is in a shutdown mode. The product consists of a specially formulated high grade polyurethane with high strength glass microspheres mixed in the polyurethane matrix to provide a highly thermally efficient insulation with superior mechanical properties ideally suited for the insulation for deepwater pipelines. Perma-Pipe’s Auto-Therm® has an excellent track record and currently holds the world record for supplying the deepest insulated pipeline installed in the world – Shell Perdido in the Gulf of Mexico installed to water depth of ~9,627’ (2,934m).

Please contact your Perma-Pipe Oil and Gas representative. They can work with you to offer a product that provides for the most cost effective and thermally efficient product to meet your specific project requirements.