Applications of this Product

The ELECTRO-GARD electro-fusion closure sleeve is a high-quality polyethylene sheet with embedded wire mesh and leads, pre-assembled and ready for installation. Each sleeve is sized for a particular diameter HDPE jacket so no field cutting is required. The ELECTRO-GARD prod- uct is supplied as a complete system which includes the split-closure sleeve with wire mesh, electrode wires and connectors, electro-welding power module and closure patches. This complete system ensures that all sleeves will be installed in a controlled and uniform manner. Re- fer to PERMA-PIPE’s installation instructions for further information.

• High strength polyethylene sleeve
• Air testable to 5 psi (Also available as non air testable)
•  Pour or pre-formed polyurethane foam
•  Easy to install
•  Wide range of sleeve dimensions
•  Power module with archival capability
• Third party tested in accordance with International