Applications of this Product


ULTRA-FS™ is an advanced prefabricated, secondary containment piping system for chemicals, process waste, fuel systems and general fluid transportation is a fiberglass clad steel conduit system with no need for cathodic protection.
ULTRA-FS™ is the next generation for complying with Federal regulations for secondary containment of hazardous fluids, this drainable, dryable and testable, prefabricated, secondary contained piping system is designed for the distribution of hydrocarbons, process waste and chemical transfer. ULTRA-FS™ can be used for above and below grade systems, with no need for cathodic protection. The outer conduit is clad with our filament wound fiberglass cladding 100 mils thick, and designed to withstand a 35,000 volt holiday test. ULTRA-FS™ is a smooth wall, minimum 10 gauge steel conduit. Single or multiple steel carrier pipes, can be insulated with any type of pipe insulation. We recommend mineral wool insulation that has passed a certified boiling test. Other options for this piping system include a PermAlert Leak Detection and Location system, and electric heat tracing.
Temp Range: 32ºF to 750ºF
Max Pressure: Determined by the carrier pipe selected
Pipe Sizes: Nom. Diameter ½" - 44", Nom. Length 20' and 40'