Applications of this Product

POLYTHERM® is a fiberglass jacketed; spray applied polyurethane foam insulated piping system for above and below ground distribution of liquids from -320°F to 250°F. PERMA-PIPE's multi-directional filament winding process produces a high strength fiberglass reinforced polymer resin jacket (FRP) over the insulation for maximum protection from the environment. This high-strength fiberglass jacket is applied to systems having an outside diameter as large as 48 inches. Electric heat tracing is an option with this system.

POLYTHERM®'s spray insulation process assures void-free insulation. By applying insulation before the jacket is applied, complete visual inspection of the insulation is performed. This process assures void-free insulation and therefore, maximum thermal efficiency to provide optimum performance of cryogenic and heat thermal distribution systems. The POLYTHERM® system is fully engineered to job specifications, thereby reducing field costs by providing custom made, factory-fabricated fittings which reduce the number of field connections as compared to the field kit method.
Temp Range: -320ºF to 250ºF
Max Pressure: Determined by the carrier pipe selected
Pipe Sizes: Nom. Diameter 1/ 2" - 36" (standard), Nom. Length 20' and 40'